ROHM Semiconductor BD63800MUF-EVK-002 Evaluation Kit

ROHM Semiconductor BD63800MUF-EVK-002 Evaluation Kit is based on the BD63800MUF-C AEC-Q100 automotive-qualified bipolar low-consumption stepping motor driver. The BD63800MUF-C is suitable for automotive applications such as head-up display, LED headlight, heat pump, and intake air control valve. The BD63800MUF-EVK-002 Evaluation Kit can be coupled with a GUI provided by ROHM for easy SPI register configuration. The evaluation kit enables the performance evaluation of the BD63800MUF-C in research and development laboratories.


  • Plug and play stepping motor evaluation kit
  • Graphical User Interface application software
    • Easy to set/read register
    • Windows10 Operating System
  • External switches for pin setting
    • Open or high settings
  • Test pins for easy signal monitoring

Kit Contents

  • BD63800MUF-C evaluation board [BD63800MUF-EVK-002]
  • USB cable (USB2.0 A-Male to C-Male)
  • BD63800MUF-C GUI control software (MS Windows)
  • USB Driver

Required Equipment

  • PC with operating system Windows 10 or higher
  • 12V (typ.)/1.5A (min.) and 5V/100mA (min.) Laboratory DC power supplies
  • Load (e.g. Bipolar DC step motor)
  • Connecting cables between DC power supply and boards
  • Input 5V to 0V clock signal for CLK pin clock generator (optional)

PCB with Pads & Silkscreen

ROHM Semiconductor BD63800MUF-EVK-002 Evaluation Kit
Published: 2022-04-12 | Updated: 2022-04-17