Renesas Electronics Clock Timing IC Solutions

Renesas Electronics offers a broad product portfolio of clock timing solutions for networking and communications, consumer, and computing applications. This portfolio is a "one-stop-shop" for timing solutions, featuring products from full-featured system solutions to simple clock building-block devices. Renesas Electronics offers factory-programmable options and clock solutions that can be customized, along with low jitter and low power functions.

Application Specific Clocks

Renesas Electronics offers a wide variety of clocking products. Some of these products are optimized for specific requirements of their target applications. In their target application, these products perform better and are easier to use than general-purpose clock parts. Renesas Electronics has clock generation and distribution products designed specifically for Network Synchronization, IEEE 1588, Synchronous Ethernet, PCI Express, Intel processors, Real-Time Clocks, RF, JESD204B, and Spread Spectrum applications.

Network Synchronization solutions combine digital clock synthesizers and analog PLLs in a single chip. The digital synthesizers ensure compliance to standards and perform clock monitoring, hitless reference switching and wander filtering; the analog PLLs translate frequencies and deliver low jitter clocks.

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PCI Express® (PCIe) Clocks include one of the most widely used high-performance peripheral interfaces in the world. From its origins in graphics, PCI Express has been adopted in fields as diverse as servers, storage, networking, instrumentation, and consumer.

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Processor Clocks are part of the industry-leading portfolio of motherboard clock solutions. The wide range of interfaces in today's computing systems (PCI Express, SATA, USB, SAS, DMI, QPI, Hypertransport, Ethernet, etc.), and the multiple CPU architectures (Intel, Freescale, Calxeda, etc) demand a daunting array of tradeoffs in areas of performance, BOM cost, and board space.

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leading RF Clock and JESD204B Clock portfolio consists of devices designed for exceptional jitter performance (lowest phase noise). The RF-PLL-based clock devices support RF frequency generation, jitter attenuation, as well as frequency and phase manipulation.

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Real-Time Clocks (RTCs) are ultra-low-power clock/date devices with programmable time-of-day alarms and programmable square-wave outputs. These devices offer high noise immunity, low current consumption, 12/24 hour mode of operation, auto-correction for leap year and programmable square wave output, making them ideal for a wide range of design applications.

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Spread-Spectrum Clocks are a proprietary mix of analog and digital phase-locked loop (PLL) technologies that are an extensive portfolio of flexible spread spectrum clock generator (SSCG) products. The spread spectrum clock generator (SSCG) products support two different types of spread spectrum clocking: down spread and center spread.

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Clock Distribution

Renesas Electronics Clock Distribution products are used to condition, manipulate and distribute clock signals within a system, with or without the use of a phase-locked loop (PLL). These devices are well-suited for most applications where the input signal is of good quality, and the goal is to buffer, fan-out, divide or multiplex the input signal.

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Clock Buffer (Fanout Buffer), Clock Divider, and Clock Multiplexer portfolio includes devices with up to 27 outputs. Differential outputs such as LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, CML, HSTL, as well as selectable outputs, are supported for output frequencies up to 3.2GHz and single-ended LVCMOS outputs for frequencies up to 350MHz. Some buffers are available with mixed output signaling.

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Zero-Delay Buffers (ZDB) provide asynchronous copy (no propagation delay) of the input clock at the outputs, usually without frequency translation. ZDBs are PLL-based devices that regenerate the input clock signal with fanout to drive multiple loads offering various signal levels, including LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, CML, HSTL, SSTL, or LVCMOS.

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Clock Generation

Renesas Electronics Clock Generators and Frequency Synthesizers are all PLL Clock-based products that generate one or more clock signals within an application. PLL clock-based products can generate different output frequencies from a common input frequency. Typically in a system, each peripheral requires a different frequency to operate. These clock signal generators produce clock output frequencies within strict tolerances for the application they are clocking.

PLL Clock Generators synthesize high-quality clock output frequencies within strict tolerances to the application they are sourcing. Using a low-cost, fundamental-mode quartz crystal, PLL clock generators support many wide-frequency, low-jitter clocking applications with different single-ended or differential output signaling levels such as LVCMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, HSTL.

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Low Jitter Clock Generators are all PLL-based products that generate one or more clock signals within an application. This category contains low-phase noise oscillators suitable for most serial data applications.

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Ultra-Low Jitter Clock Generators and Synthesizers are all PLL-based products that generate one or more clock signals within an application. This category contains low jitter clock generators suitable for serial data applications up to 100G. Many other applications, such as PCIe, have separate pages under Application-Specific Clocks.

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Programmable Clock Generators (also called programmable timing devices) allow designers to save board space and cost by replacing crystals, oscillators, programmable oscillators, and buffers with a single timing device. This makes them well-suited for consumer, data communications, telecommunications, and computing applications.

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Crystal Oscillators

Quartz-Crystal Oscillators (XOs) and FemtoClock® NG Programmable Oscillator ICs are designed to meet the needs of virtually any application. FemtoClock NG devices are the choice of the advanced system designer seeking a clock source with top performance and unmatched flexibility in a standard quartz crystal oscillator footprint. 

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Jitter Attenuations

Jitter Attenuation and Frequency Translation products feature a PLL stage with VCXO technology to attenuate jitter and provide frequency translation. Jitter attenuators, also called jitter cleaners, are based on a low phase noise phase-locked oscillator (PLL) stage typically followed by a frequency divider.

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VersaClock 5 Evaluation Boards are designed to help the customer evaluate the 5P49V5901, the latest addition to the family of programmable devices in the Renesas Electronics timing portfolio. When the board is connected to a PC running Timing Commander™ Software through USB, the device can be configured and programmed to generate frequencies with best-in-class performances.

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VersaClock 3 Evaluation Boards are designed to help the customer evaluate the 5P49EExxx VersaClock 3 Programmable Clocks. VersaClock® products allow designers to save board space and cost by replacing crystals, oscillators, and buffers with a single timing device. Exceptional versatility and configurability allow for maximum freedom in the design process.

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8EBV89317 10G Ethernet PLL Evaluation Board for Industrial Automation and Power Systems allows the user to connect up to three single-ended reference inputs via SMA connectors. The reference inputs can operate at 1PPS (1Hz), 25MHz, 125MHz, or 156.25MHz. Synchronization functions are provided by the 8V89317 Digital PLL (DPLL) device which integrates an embedded clock synthesizer.

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Timing Commander™ is an innovative Windows™-based software platform enabling system design engineers to configure, program, and monitor sophisticated timing devices with an intuitive and flexible graphical user interface (GUI). The support tool empowers customers to expedite development cycles and optimize the configuration of clocking solutions. 

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Published: 2014-11-24 | Updated: 2023-09-14