UnitedSiC / Qorvo UF4C/SC 1200V Gen 4 SiC FETs

UnitedSiC / Qorvo UF4C/SC 1200V Gen 4 SiC FETs are a high-performance series delivering industry-best Figures of Merit. The UF4C/SC 1200V Gen 4 SiC FETs are ideal for mainstream 800V bus architectures in onboard chargers for EVs, industrial battery chargers, industrial power supplies, renewables, energy storage, welding machines, UPS, and induction heating applications. Available in 23mΩ to 70mΩ options, the Gen 4 series is based on a unique cascode configuration, where a high-performance SiC JFET is co-packaged with a cascode optimized Si-MOSFET to produce a standard gate drive SiC device. This feature allows for flexible design without changing gate drive voltage, easily replacing Si IGBTs, Si FETs, SiC FETs, or Si super-junction devices.

UnitedSiC / Qorvo UF4C/SC 1200V Gen 4 SiC FETs are offered in a three-lead TO247-3L package and a four-lead TO-247-4 package featuring a Kelvin Source connection. With the Kelvin source design of the TO-247-4L package, this device exhibits fast switching and low reverse recovery characteristics while maintaining clean gate waveforms. It is ideal for switching inductive loads and applications requiring standard gate drives.


  • 1200V VDS rating
  • Low RDS(on) from 23mΩ to 70mΩ
  • Best-in-class Figures of Merit 
    • RDS(on) x Area
    • RDS(on) x Eoss
    • RDS(on) x Coss, tr
    • RDS(on) x Qg
  • Excellent threshold noise margin maintained with true 5V threshold voltage
  • Safely driven with standard 0V to 12V or 15V gate drive voltage
  • Operates with all Si IGBT, Si FET, and SiC FET drive voltages
  • Excellent reverse recovery
  • Excellent body diode performance (V<2V)
  • Low gate charge
  • Low intrinsic capacitance
  • ESD protected, HBM class 2
  • TO247-3L and TO247-4L (Kelvin) packages


  • Onboard charging
  • Industrial battery chargers
  • PFC in solar
  • Industrial power supplies
  • Welding machines
  • UPS
  • Induction heating

Specifications Chart

Chart - UnitedSiC / Qorvo UF4C/SC 1200V Gen 4 SiC FETs


Published: 2022-04-21 | Updated: 2023-05-18