Qoitech Otii Arc Pro Energy Optimization Tool

Qoitech Otii Arc Pro Energy Optimization Tool is designed for battery-driven devices that compromise Otii Arc hardware and Otii Pro software. This energy optimization tool is for hardware, firmware, and software developers. The Otii Arc is a small, portable power supply, a current and voltage measurement unit, and a data-acquisition module. This Otii Arc is powered by USB and optionally by an external DC adapter. The Otii Arc Pro features multiple recordings, multiple Otii boxes, offset calibration, and downsampling. This Otii Arc Pro operates at 0.5V to 5V power supply, 5nA current measurement resolution, and 24bit ADC with automatic switching between ranges. The Otii Arc Pro is ideally used in battery life calculators, GPI measurements, exporting data to CSV, and saving/loading projects.


  • Software Features
  • Current, voltage, and power basic measurements
  • Offset calibration
  • Downsampling
  • Crop
  • Multiple recordings
  • Record more than 10 minutes
  • Record UART logs
  • Sync data with UART logs
  • Sync multiple recording
  • Multiple Otii boxes
  • Customize statistics
  • Power supply and analyzer
  • Wide dynamic range


  • Sample rate:
    • Up to 4ksps for the main current channel
    • 1ksps for all other channels (main voltage, adc current, adc voltage, sense+, sense-, UART RX, GPI1, and GPI2)
  • Accuracy current measurement:
    • +-(0,1%+50nA) accuracy below 19mA and +-(0.1%+150uA) above 19mA
      • 5nA current measurement resolution
      • 24bit ADC with automatic switching between ranges
  • Power supply:
    • 0.5V to 5V
    • USB only (0.5V to 3.75V in auto range mode, 0.5V to 4.2V in high range mode)
    • DC plug supply (0.5V to 4.55V in auto range mode, 0.5V to 5V in high range mode)
    • 0A to 5A (depends on available current from USB or DC plug)
  • Digital interface:
    • 1.2V to 5V digital IO voltage 
    • 10mA max source and sink in total
  • 15°C / 60°F to 30°C / 86°F operating environment range
  • Up to 1A output current
  • 1mV output voltage setting resolution


  • Battery life calculator
  • GPI measurements
  • Name recordings
  • Export data to CSV
  • Save/load projects
  • Energy profile microcontrollers, sensors, and devices in real-time and over time
  • Optimize sleep current and extend battery life
  • Design power-efficient hardware, firmware, and software through regression testing
Published: 2022-11-11 | Updated: 2022-11-17