Qoitech Otii Ace Pro Power Supply & Measuring Instrument

Qoitech Otii Ace Pro Power Supply and Measuring Instrument measures voltage and current with a high sample rate (50ksps) and low step size and can precisely source voltage (up to 25V). This device measures 10.9cm x 14.4cm x 4.4cm (WxLxH) and weighs 450 grams. The innovative mechanical design of Otii Ace Pro allows for efficient heat dissipation hence no fan is needed and, therefore, no noise. This Otii Ace Pro power supply features a battery life estimator, configurable UI, and measure systems where the battery negative terminal is not the system ground. The Otii Ace Pro operates at a 25V input voltage range and 0.4nA to 5A wide dynamic range. This Ace Pro measuring instrument is ideally used in office, lab, and at home and field measurements.


  • Quick install, plug-and-play setup, and start measuring in less than a minute
  • Connect several devices in series and parallel to increase voltage and current capabilities
  • Active voltage regulation, no burden voltage
  • Measurements continuously synchronized with debug logs from the device under test, collected via UART in the expansion port
  • Recordings can be synced with external debug logs in post-processing
  • Real-time analysis; scroll, zoom, and select parts of the current consumption and debug logs while measuring
  • Record and compare multiple recordings
  • Share the recordings for additional measurement or view
  • Undo/redo functionality
  • Support for multiple Otii boxes
  • Battery life estimator
  • Configurable UI
  • Fully responsive UI during heavy data measurement load (multiple streams, long recordings)
  • Measure systems where the battery negative terminal is not the system ground


  • 0.4nA to 5A wide dynamic range
  • 25V input voltage range
  • ±(0.05% +25nA) current measurement accuracy
  • 10°C / 50°F to 30°C / 86°F temperaure range


  • Optimize sleep current, extend battery life
  • Powering the devices under development
  • Measuring the inrush current
  • Measuring the component leakage current over time
  • Troubleshooting the hardware and software
Published: 2022-11-11 | Updated: 2022-11-17