Phoenix Contact LED Lighting Connectors

Phoenix Contact LED Lighting Connectors include several families of PCB terminal blocks and connectors to provide solutions for lights and lighting systems. These lighting connectors include models as short as 5mm high (PTSM) as well as those with spring push-in technology for a toolless design (PTS/PTSA). This Phoenix Contact lighting solutions feature UL and CSA approvals and current carrying capacities up to 10A while supporting wires from 26AWG to 14AWG. Surface-mount and through-hole reflow versions are available, with some terminal blocks including up to 24 positions per connector. Phoenix Contact LED Lighting Connectors are ideal for the automotive and infrastructure industries, wind and solar energy, plus applications in power supplies and transmission / distribution.


  • UL and CSA approvals
  • Easy termination options
  • High current and voltage ratings
  • Multiple mounting and connection options available
  • Customization with marking and wire pre-termination options


  • Building automation and lighting
  • Wind and solar energy
  • Water supplies
  • Power supplies and transmission / distribution
  • Automotive and infrastructure industries


Published: 2018-10-01 | Updated: 2023-03-13