Banner Engineering S18 Series Photoelectric Sensors

Banner Engineering S18 Series Photoelectric Sensors feature EZ-beam technology with specially designed optics and electronics for reliable sensing without adjustments. The sensors are self-contained, fixed-field, infrared diffuse mode sensors with far-limit cutoff, a type of background suppression. High excess gain and fixed-field technology allow the components to detect low-reflectivity objects while ignoring background surfaces. The S18 EZ-beam series sensors feature a -40°C to 70°C operating temperature range, <1 microamp at 30VDC off-stage leakage current, and 20mA receiver current. These Epoxy encapsulated barrel-mount sensors are leakproof, rated NEMA 6P and IEC IP67 per IEC 60529.


  • Output configuration (DC voltage):
    • SPDT solid-state DC switch; choose NPN (current sinking) or PNP (current sourcing) models
    • Light operate- N.O. output conducts when sensor sees its own (or the emitter’s) modulated light
    • Dark operate- N.C. output conducts when the sensor sees dark; the N.C. (normally closed) output may be wired as a normally open marginal signal alarm output, depending upon wiring to power supply (U.S. patent 5087838)
  • Output rating (DC voltage):
    • 150mA maximum (each) in standard wiring (when wired for alarm output, the total load may not exceed 150mA)
    • <1 microamp at 30VDC OFF-state leakage current:
    • <1V at 10mA DC; <1.5V at 150mA DC ON-state saturation voltage
  • Protected against false pulse on power-up and continuous overload or short circuit of outputs
  • Output response time (DC voltage):
    • 3ms ON and 1.5ms OFF opposed mode models
    • 3ms ON and OFF retroreflective, fixed-field, and diffuse mode models
    • NOTE: 100ms delay on power-up; outputs do not conduct during this time
  • Repeatability:
    • 375μs opposed mode models
    • 750μs retroreflective, fixed-field, and diffuse mode models
    • Repeatability and response are independent of signal strength
  • Environmental rating:
    • Leakproof design rated NEMA 6P and IEC IP67 per IEC 60529
    • IP69K per DIN40050 for the quick disconnect and cable models when the cables are protected from direct spray
  • Vibration and mechanical shock:
    • All models meet MIL-STD-202F, method 201A (vibration: 10Hz to 60Hz maximum, 0.06inch (1.52mm) double amplitude, 10G acceleration) requirements
    • Method 213B conditions H&I
    • 75G with device operating; 100G for non-operation shock


  • Industrial automation
  • Smart factories
  • Material handling and packaging
  • Conveyor statistics

Dimensional Diagram

Mechanical Drawing - Banner Engineering S18 Series Photoelectric Sensors

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Published: 2023-08-23 | Updated: 2023-09-15