onsemi Strata Enabled RSL10 Mesh Platform Dev Kit

onsemi Strata Enabled RSL10 Mesh Platform Development Kit (STR-RSL10-MESH-KIT-GEVK) is a versatile and easily configurable development kit that enables users to develop BLUETOOTH® Low Energy mesh networking applications based on the RSL10, a low-power Bluetooth 5 radio. The platform includes two RSL10 Mesh Nodes, with a variety of available smart sensors and indicators, and a Strata Gateway Node, which enables connectivity to the Strata Developer Studio™ and provisions the network. Within Strata, users can monitor telemetry such as nodes voltage, temperature and control LED lighting while following along as Bluetooth Low Energy mesh commands are sent out and received. onsemi Strata Enabled RSL10 Mesh Platform Development Kit applications include industrial IoT, home automation and security, connected lighting, smart agriculture, and remote sensing.


  • RSL10 SIP
    • Industry-leading power consumption for maximum battery life
    • Wide Bluetooth low energy range
  • Multiple environmental sensors
    • Low voltage temperature sensor (N34TS108)
    • Ambient light sensor (LV0104CS)
    • Magnetic sensors
    • Dual RGB LEDs with 5-bit current-controlled for dimming and color mixing through LED driver (NCP5623B)
    • Optional vibration buzzer connector that can also be used to control low voltage and solid-state relays
    • Battery charger (FAN54120) for Li-Ion or Li-Poly batteries to power node with a rechargeable battery
  • Wheatstone bridge for angular magnetic field measurement amplified by NCS333 chopper-stabilized op-amps
  • Hall-effect switch for simple magnet detection
  • Light-dimming and alarm capabilities
  • 2.3kHz tone indicator
  • RSL10 software development kit - Eclipse-based IDE with support for FreeRTOS™
  • RSL10 mesh package compliant with Bluetooth SIG mesh specification
  • Mobile app, RSL10 mesh app, for mobile control of mesh networks


  • Home / Building automation
    • Connected lighting
    • Smart thermostats / HVAC control and monitoring
    • Motion and light-sensing
    • Security
  • Smart agriculture
    • Crop monitoring
      Irrigation control
  • Smart retail and autonomous factories asset monitoring
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Industrial emergency lighting services
  • Smart healthcare
    • Patient monitoring
    • Supply chain monitoring

Kit Contents

onsemi Strata Enabled RSL10 Mesh Platform Dev Kit
  • 2x RSL10 mesh nodes
  • 1x Strata gateway node
  • 3x USB cables
  • 1x Rare earth ring magnet (for alarm and dimmer functions)
  • Disclaimer

Block Diagram

onsemi Strata Enabled RSL10 Mesh Platform Dev Kit


Published: 2020-06-24 | Updated: 2022-03-11