Nordic Semiconductor Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2)

Nordic Semiconductor Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2) is an affordable, flexible tool that provides hardware and software engineers with a simple method for measuring the average and dynamic power consumption in embedded solutions. The PPK2 can be connected to any Nordic Development Kit (DK) or custom board as a standalone unit, with no additional kits or debuggers.

An Ampere Meter (AMP) mode and Source Measure Unit (SMU) mode are supported. For the AMP mode, an external power supply must source VCC levels between 0.8V and 5.0V to the Device Under Test (DUT). For the SMU mode, the PPK2 supplies VCC levels between 0.8V and 5.0V, and the on-board regulator supplies up to 1A of current to external applications. It is possible to measure low sleep currents, the higher active currents, as well as short current peaks on all Nordic DKs, in addition to external hardware.

Power for the PPK2 comes from a standard 5.0V USB port. The DUT can either be powered by an external source or from the PPK2's source. The PPK2 eliminates the need for a bench power supply since it can provide an output adjustable voltage from 0.8V to 5.0V and a dynamic output current from 1µA to 1A.

The PPK2 also offers engineers eight digital inputs that can be used as a low-end logic analyzer. This makes it possible to instrument the code and make it easy to link the power consumption to blocks of code being executed.


The Nordic Semiconductor Power Profiler Kit II is supported by the Power Profiler App running in the nRF Connect for Desktop framework for analyzing both average and instantaneous current consumption. Using the PPK2, the Power Profiler App can show both average acquisition times and high-resolution events in the same window. Measured data can be exported for post-processing.

The Online Power Profiler (OPP) is a tool that estimates current consumption values for BLUETOOTH® Low Energy, LTE-M, and NB-IoT protocols via lab-testing.


  • Measure instantaneous and average current on all Nordic DKs, in addition to custom boards
  • Variable power supply voltage ranging from 0.8V to 5.0V (software configurable)
  • Maximum 1A current measurement
  • Accurate measurement down to approximately 200nA
  • Resolution down to 0.2µA
  • 100kS/s sampling speed
  • Automatic switching between five current measurement ranges ensuring optimal resolution
  • Measurement accuracy better than ±20% (average currents measurement)
  • USB communication, enabling simple porting to other applications
  • Desktop application for measurement analysis
  • Real-time current measurement display
  • 8 digital inputs for low-end logic analyzer support
  • Supported through nRF Connect for Desktop’s Power Profiler app
  • Export measurement data for post-processing


  • Power debugging of embedded applications
  • Estimate battery lifetime of completed solution


Kit Contents

Nordic Semiconductor Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2)
  • Power Profiler Kit II board
  • 10-pin logic port cable
  • 4-pin current measurement cable

Setup Example

Nordic Semiconductor Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2)

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Nordic Semiconductor Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2)
Published: 2020-12-15 | Updated: 2022-08-15