Murata Electronics MZB Microblowers

Murata MZB Microblowers are suitable as a source for high-pressure air generation for liquid displacement or dispensing applications. The MZB microblowers from Murata are extremely compact and low profile, utilizing a piezoelectric based drive system that features small dimensions. The Murata MZB Microblowers offer a quick response and less pulsation airflow.

A 20mm high-pressure air blower Evaluation Kit MZB1001E00 is also available.

Evaluation Kit Contents

♦ 1 x MZB001 driver
♦ 1 x MZBX001 micro-blower.


  • Piezoelectric ceramic-based drive system
  • 1900Pa to 50kPa static pressure range
  • 21.5kHz to 27.0kHz resonant frequency range
  • SMD termination


  • Air blower for fuel cells and other similar equipment
  • Particulate diffusers using high-speed airflow
  • Quite air pump for entertainment and interior decoration purpose
Published: 2011-12-20 | Updated: 2022-03-11