Xsens / Movella MTi 1-Series 3D AHRS/VRU/IMU Module

Xsens / Movella MTi 1-series 3D AHRS / VRU / IMU Module outputs 3D orientation, 3D rate of turn, 3D accelerations, and 3D magnetic field, depending on the product configuration. The Xsens / Movella MTi 1-Series is available as an inertial measurement unit (IMU), vertical reference unit (VRU), or attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). The MTi 1-Series module is only 12mm x 12mm, SMD mountable, and suitable for high-volume applications. The industry-standard communication protocol allows for customization of the data message in terms of data, frequency, and output format. Signals are fully processed onboard, requiring few resources from the host. This module is ideal for applications in simple microcontroller-operated environments.

Xsens / Movella recommends the AHRS (MTi-3) Development Kit for first-time purchases, which can be retrofitted to a VRU/IMU.


  • Full-featured attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) on 12mm x 12mm module
  • 1° roll/pitch accuracy (dynamic)
  • 2° heading accuracy
  • Minimal requirements on a host processor
  • Uniform interface over the product lifetime
  • Incorporates best-in-class inertial sensors
  • Industry-leading signal processing pipeline (AttitudeEngine™) with vibration rejection
  • Robust and accurate orientation algorithm (XKF3™)
  • API-compatible with all Xsens / Movella Motion Trackers
  • Drivers and examples on Arm® mbed™
  • Low power (45mW at 3V)


  • Aerial vehicles
  • Autonomous mobile robots
  • Heavy machinery/agriculture
  • Robotics
  • Marine technology
  • Compass heading
  • Pedestrian dead-reckoning
  • Wearables
  • VR headsets


Block Diagram

Xsens / Movella MTi 1-Series 3D AHRS/VRU/IMU Module
Published: 2015-12-17 | Updated: 2023-08-29