Molex 5G25 RF Connectors

Molex 5G25 RF Connectors are flex-to-board connectors with a shield design that supports high-frequency signals (up to 25GHz) and reduces EMI. The 5G25 series enables designers of RF antenna modules and mobile devices to combine RF and non-RF signals, which reduces the need for additional connectors. Molex 5G25 RF Connectors offer high signal integrity (SI) performance for high-speed, extreme RF applications, along with robust mating features and the small size needed for compact 5G mobile and other communication devices.


  • RF structure supports up to 25GHz for high SI performance
  • Can combine RF and non-RF signals
  • Shielding reduces EMI
  • Robust mating
  • High-speed capability
  • PCB retention


  • Consumer
    • Smartphones
    • Tablet PCs
    • Wearable devices
    • Smart home devices
    • AR/VR devices
  • Industrial
    • IoT
    • Portable audio and navigation equipment
    • 5G and RF devices
  • Medical devices
    • Patient monitoring systems
    • Therapeutic and surgical equipment
  • Defense
    • Drones
    • Unmanned vehicles
    • Aircraft avionics


  • 50V max voltage
  • 1A/pin max current signal terminal
  • 30mΩ signal terminal
  • 20mΩ RF terminal
  • 250VAC dielectric withstanding voltage
  • 100MΩ insulation resistance
  • 0.35mm pitch
  • 0.70mm x 2.76mm x 4.16mm dimensions
  • 6/RF-2 circuit size/signal
  • 10 cycles durability
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range


Published: 2023-02-08 | Updated: 2023-07-25