Mini-Circuits eVNA-63+ Vector Network Analyzer

Mini-Circuits eVNA-63+ Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is a high-performance and externally PC-controlled vector network analyzer. This VNA moves the complex data processing and calculation required vector network measurements out of the instrument and into an advanced software environment. The vector network analyzer is operated with a separate PC to replace expensive and bulky production test systems saving on space and cost. The eVNA-63+ features built-in bias-tees, 2-port 2-path S-parameters, SCPI command interface, Electronic Calibration (eMCal), port extension de-embedding, time domain, and gating.

The eVNA-63+ VNA User Interface (UI) offers an eVNA Application Programming Interface (API). The UI software supports a standardized SCPI command set, allowing easy automation of VNA calibrations, measurements, trace displays, and data exports from various programming environments. Typical applications include production test systems, RF and microwave product design, university lab test benches, distance-to-fault testing, and amplifier P1dB measurement.


  • 2-port 2-path S-parameters
  • Up to 24VDC/200mA maximum built-in bias tee accessible on both ports
  • API for Windows and LabView
  • SCPI command interface
  • Touchstone file import and export
  • 10inch x 8inch x 1.75inch dimensions
  • 5°C to 50°C operating temperature range
  • 300kHz to 6GHz frequency range
  • 5V typical 5.25V DC supply voltage
  • Time domain and gating
  • Port extension de-embedding
  • Electronic Calibration (eMCal)
  • Factory calibrations available
  • 3-year warranty
  • 4.5kg/9.92lbs weight


  • Production test systems
  • RF and microwave product design
  • University lab test benches
  • Active/passive component characterization
  • Antenna tuning/VSWR measurement
  • Amplifier P1dB measurement
  • Distance to fault testing

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Mini-Circuits eVNA-63+ Vector Network Analyzer

Dimensions Diagram

Mechanical Drawing - Mini-Circuits eVNA-63+ Vector Network Analyzer
Published: 2023-01-26 | Updated: 2023-02-05