Mikroe RTC 13 Click

Mikroe RTC 13 Click RTC 13 Click features the NXP Semiconductors PCF2123 SPI configurable real-time clock/calendar optimized for low power operations. The PCF2123 provides year, month, day, weekday, hours, minutes, and seconds based on a 32.768kHz quartz crystal. Data is transferred serially via an SPI interface with a maximum data rate of 6.25 Mbit/s. An alarm and timer function is also available, providing the possibility to generate a wake-up signal on an interrupt line, in addition to a programmable square-wave clock output. 


  • On-board modules
  • Low power consumption
  • Clock/calendar feature
  • Freely programmable timer and alarm with interrupt capability
  • Battery back-up
  • Programmable square-wave clock output
  • SPI interface
  • mikroBUS compatibility
  • M (42.9mm x 25.4mm) click board size
  • 3.3V or 5V input voltage


  • Various time-keeping applications
  • Including high-duration timers
  • Metering
  • Daily alarms
  • Low standby power applications


Mikroe RTC 13 Click
Published: 2021-10-28 | Updated: 2022-03-11