Littelfuse P-S4-LRP 100A SIDACtor® Protection Thyristor

Littelfuse P-S4-LRP SIDACtor® Protection Thyristors are used to protect equipment such as TV/camera CVBS and/or other low-voltage data communication from damaging overvoltage transients. These thyristors can also be used for surge protection of R/G/B cables. The component has a minimum operating voltage of 6V and 100A 5/310μS surge peak current capability. The high surge current capability in combination with various surge waveforms and a compact package simplifies designing it into a PCB layout. Its junction capacitance of less than 30pF is well-suited for 4.43MHz CVBS signals. Littelfuse P-S4-LRP SIDACtor Protection Thyristors provide a surface mount solution that enables equipment to comply with global regulatory standards.


  • Low voltage overshoot
  • Low on-state voltage
  • Does not degrade surge capability after multiple surge events within the limit
  • Fails short circuit when surged in excess of ratings
  • Low capacitance
  • 4kV 10/700 surge protection capability


  • Copper alloy lead material
  • 100% Matte-tin plated terminal finish
  • UL Recognized compound meeting flammability rating V-0 body material


Published: 2018-12-18 | Updated: 2023-03-03