KYOCERA AVX Automotive EV/HEV Solutions

KYOCERA AVX Automotive EV / HEV Solutions covers a range of applications, including power conversion, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), lighting, active body control, and powertrain. These EV / HEV electronics face unique design challenges when it comes to communication, circuit protection, and higher operating voltages when compared to traditional automotive electronics.

High voltage lines can benefit from robust ceramic and film capacitors for powertrain, drive control, and even applications such as wireless charging. The replacement of hydraulic systems increases the number of electric motors and other inductive switching elements on multiple voltage lines, which can generate a wide range of overvoltages. Transients are very efficiently suppressed with MLVs because they are the most volumetrically efficient TVS devices, leading to size reductions.

Therefore, the communication needs to be extremely reliable and free of noise to increase the responsiveness of applications such as ADAS. Low inductance ceramic capacitors ensure reliable and electronically dense designs by reducing the number of MLCCs required for effective decoupling.

Product Applications

KYOCERA AVX Automotive EV/HEV Solutions

Power Conversion

KYOCERA AVX offers resonant capacitorsĀ for power supplies or capacitors for use in wireless charging.

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Ethertronics / KYOCERA AVX low inductance capacitors improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) by providing effective decoupling. ADAS circuitry can run faster and potentially be smaller and lighter because fewer capacitors are needed.

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LED lighting in cars is getting more complex, oftentimes driven by PWM for dimming and soft on/off states. KYOCERA AVX Polymer Capacitors are a good fit because Class 2 MLCCs make noise in PWM circuits (and are unstable with bias, temperature, and time).

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Active Body Control

Varistors are ideal to guard against the magnitude of transient in body control.

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Films are an ideal fit because of their failure mode and low inductance in an efficient size. As voltages go higher because of GaN and SiC, films are more and more crucial.

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Published: 2020-04-27 | Updated: 2022-03-11