Keystone Electronics .187 Jack Screws

Keystone Electronics .187 Jack Screws are 4.8mm diameter (.187") screws designed for D-subminiature connectors used in computer cables and other electronic equipment. The product portfolio includes standard jack screws, a sems version with a captivated helical spring lock-washer that simplifies use, a slotted version for installation with a screwdriver, and a version with a nylon patch that firmly holds the jack in vibration applications. Keystone Electronics .187 Jack Screws feature a 3/16 hex head and 4-40 thread and are offered in stainless steel or with zinc chromate plating in yellow or clear.


  • Product portfolio
    • Standard
    • Sems (captivated helical spring lockwasher, simplifies use)
    • Slotted (provides ability to install jack with screwdriver)
    • With nylon patch (holds jack firmly in vibration applications)
  • 4.8mm (.187") diameter
  • 3/16 hex head
  • 4-40 thread
  • Stainless steel, or zinc chromate plating in yellow or clear


  • D-subminiature connectors
    • Computer cables
    • Electronic equipment
Published: 2019-11-15 | Updated: 2022-11-11