Infineon Technologies TLE4971_MS2GO Kit

Infineon Technologies TLE4971_MS2GO Kit is a current measurement evaluation tool capable of measuring currents in one-phase systems up to 25A. This kit offers no programmability features, but these features are explorable through RAM settings (volatile configurations for evaluation purposes). The TLE4971_MS2GO kit consists of three main building blocks: sensor board, MCU board, and ziplock bag with 2xM4 screws, 1 PCB edge connector, and pin headers (male and female). This kit features a USB interface, oscilloscope functionality (Real-time roll mode), and automatic detection of a sensor board. Typical applications include overload and over-current detection, onboard chargers, externally excited synchronous machines (drives/servo/motor control/inverter/eScooter/eBike/LEV/EESM), and current monitoring.


  • USB interface
  • Supply via USB cable
  • Oscilloscope functionality (Real-time roll-mode)
  • RAM programming support
  • Automatic detection of a sensor board


  • Overload and over-current detection
  • Externally excited synchronous machines (drives/servo/motor control/inverter/eScooter/eBike/LEV/EESM)
  • Onboard chargers
  • Current monitoring

Kit Contents

  • Sensor board
  • MCU board
  • Sensor shield
  • Ziplock bag with 2xM4 screws, 1 PCB edge connector, and pin headers (male and female)
  • Disclaimer for safety precautions
Published: 2023-11-22 | Updated: 2023-12-07