Infineon Technologies OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9672 RPI Evaluation Board

Infineon Technologies OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9672 RPI Evaluation Board allows an easy evaluation of the OPTIGA SLB 9672 TPM on a Raspberry Pi platform. The board connects to all 40-pin GPIO Raspberry Pi boards, simplifying the evaluation and integration process. Infineon provides a user-friendly GUI-based software tool, the OPTIGA TPM Explorer, to explore the board's features and use cases without extensive product knowledge. Additionally, the availability of ready-to-use code examples on GitHub makes this board a valuable asset for any IoT developer.


  • Standard Raspberry Pi HAT, compatible with Raspberry Pi 40-pin header
  • Conforms with the Raspberry Pi HAT standard
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • 3V or 1.8V power supply
  • Reset input from Raspberry Pi board
  • Intuitive quick-start guide including all necessary software, tools, and documentation
  • Benefits:
    • Simple integration with Linux-based OS thanks to easy-to-understand materials and sample codes on GitHub
    • "Plug-and-play" solution without any configuration changes to a normal Raspberry Pi OS


  • Networking equipment
  • Servers
  • Medical devices
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Industrial control and automation
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Smart buildings


Typical Schematic

Infineon Technologies OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9672 RPI Evaluation Board
Published: 2023-02-20 | Updated: 2023-06-26