Infineon Technologies Serial FRAM Nonvolatile Memory Devices

Infineon Technologies Serial F-RAM (ferroelectric RAM) memories combine the nonvolatile data storage capability of ROM with the fast speeds of RAM. Serial F-RAM features a variety of interface and density options, including SPI and I2C interfaces, industry-standard packages, and densities ranging from 4KB to 4MB. Infineon Serial F-RAMs have three distinct advantages over other nonvolatile memory technologies: fast write speed, extremely high endurance, and low power consumption. Serial F-RAMs provide 100 trillion cycle endurance, exceeding the 1 million write cycle limitation of EEPROM. This eliminates the need for wear leveling to support a product over its lifespan. 

The devices are made of a ferroelectric material that is highly resistant to influence by radiation and magnetic field exposure. This provides soft error rate immunity for a superior alternative to MRAM. These F-RAM devices are typically used in mission-critical applications. This includes smart meters, automotive electronics, industrial control, and automation equipment, multifunction printers and portable medical devices.


  • Fast write speed with no write delays
  • Instant non-volatility
  • 100 trillion cycles read/write endurance
  • Low 3mA active current and 6µA standby current
  • No batteries or capacitors required
  • No wear leveling required
  • Intrinsic gamma radiation tolerance
  • 151-year data retention
  • Automotive AEC-Q100 qualified parts available


  • Mission-critical applications
  • Smart meters
  • Automotive electronics
  • Industrial control and automation equipment
  • Multifunction printers and portable medical devices


Published: 2012-02-15 | Updated: 2022-08-11