Infineon Technologies CYBLE-022001-00 EZ-BLE PRoC Module

Infineon Technologies CYBLE-022001-00 EZ-BLE PRoC Module is a programmable, SMT-ready, full certified small form factor BLE Module with integrated crystals and an onboard chip antenna. The CYBLE-022001-00 is a turnkey solution that eliminates RF hardware design and reduces investment by eliminating the certification process. Its programmable architecture supports many peripheral functions (ADC, timers, counters, PWM) and serial communication protocols (I2C, UART, SPI).


  • The CYBLE-022001-00 module is provided as a turnkey solution, including all necessary hardware required to use BLE communication standards
  • Proven, qualified, and certified hardware design ready to use
  • Small footprint (10mm x 10mm ├Ś 1.80mm), perfect for space-constrained applications
  • Reprogrammable architecture
  • Fully certified module eliminates the time needed for design, development, and certification processes
  • BLUETOOTH┬« SIG qualified with QDID and Declaration ID
  • Flexible communication protocol support
  • PSoC Creator provides an easy-to-use integrated design environment (IDE) to configure, develop, program, and test a BLE application


  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Toys
  • Smartphone accessories


Published: 2015-05-11 | Updated: 2022-08-15