FTDI Chip CleO35 Touch-Enabled Display Shield
FTDI Chip CleO35 Touch-Enabled Display Shield

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The CleO35 Display Shield is 100% compatible with Arduino UNO

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FTDI Chip CleO35 Touch-Enabled Display Shield

FTDI Chip CleO35 Touch-Enabled Display Shield is an intelligent TFT display solution for Arduino that is easy to program and allows the construction of human machine interfaces (HMIs). CleO35 includes an HVGA resolution, 3.5-inch 320x480 pixel TFT LCD panel display with resistive touch and PWM audio output with built-in speaker amplifier for better audio quality. The module supports both portrait and landscape modes and can be easily programmed to give professional looking HMI / GUIs with no prior knowledge of complex graphics programming or mathematics. CleO35 is fully Arduino UNO compatible.

An FTDI Chip FT810 high resolution embedded video engine (EVE) graphics controller executes the HMI operation while one of FTDI's 32-bit RISC Microcontrollers with 3.1 DMIPs performance addresses all additional processing tasks. CleO35 provides incredibly smooth animation of graphical content, even at 60fps and also features anti-aliased graphics capabilities that render images in finer detail, eliminating the presence of jagged edges.

CleO35 offers a more powerful and optimized solution when combined with FTDI Chip's NerO board. NerO is an open source hardware device, designed as a drop-in replacement for the Arduino UNO, and fully Arduino compatible with shields and the Arduino IDE. FTDI Chip offers an Arduino-compatible CleO library that makes it a snap to add CleO35 to the Arduino UNO or, for best performance, the FTDI Chip NerO Board.


  • Supports landscape and portrait modes
  • Designed for 100% Arduino and NerO shield compatibility
  • CE and FCC certified for commercial use
  • Built-in FTDI FT810 embedded video engine (EVE) graphic controller
  • Anti-aliased graphics throughout
  • Ready to use LCD module with resistive touch in panel mountable bezel
  • Micro SD card socket support
  • Built-in 8M Byte Flash memory
  • USB DFU port for firmware updates
  • Support for CleO35 camera interface (accessory)
  • PWM audio supported and built-in speaker amplifier
  • Compatible with FTDI CleO-Camera, and CleO-Speaker (libraries included), and CleO-RIO adapter for alternate mounting options to UNO

CleO35 Hardware Feature
CleO35 Hardware Feature

Speaker out / Line in
FT903 IO Expansion
Plastic Bezel
9 MicroSD Card Socket
3.5 in HVGA TFT I/F + Resistive Touch
Camera Interface
Arduino Configuration Jumpers
Arduino I/F
USB DFU Connector
Level Shifter
8M Byte E-Flash
Audio Amplifier

NerO Module

FTDI Chip NerO Module
Energy efficient Arduino design capable of operating up to 1W.
When the CleO is combined with NerO, it offers a far more powerful solution than a normal Arduino UNO/display shield package.

Learn More about FTDI's NerO Module

FTDI CleO-RIO Module

The CleO-RIO module is an Arduino shield adapter board that offers the flexibility to stack an Arduino board on top of the CleO35 module. The module is a two layer PCB with 57.15mm x 54.35mm dimensions.
FTDI CleO-Camera
The CleO-Camera module is a camera accessory for the CleO series that consists of an OV5640 sensor module and Flash LEDs. The OV5640 sensor is a low voltage, high-performance, 1/4-inch 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor that provides the full functionality of a single chip 5 megapixel (2592 x 1944) camera using OmniBSI™ technology in a small footprint package. The CleO-Camera is controlled through the standard Serial Camera Control Bus (SCCB) interface.

FTDI CleO-Speaker
The CleO-Speaker module is a speaker accessory that consists of a 0.5W 8Ω speaker driver preinstalled inside a black speaker. With the CleO-Speaker module, music/tones can be played back whenever the CleO application requires it. There is also an audio line-in capability provided to allow input audio from an external source to CleO's on board speaker amplifier.

FTDI PSU-9V1A-MP Power Plug Adapter
CleO and NerO 9V to 1A Power Plug adapter up to 1A current.

MS-C6-8G Micro SD Card
The CleO35 card reader can handle up to a 32GB microSDHC card.

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Published: 2016-09-13 | Updated: 2016-09-13