Serpac S-Series Two-Piece Enclosures

Serpac S-Series Two-Piece Enclosures feature a two-piece design with a surface-mountable base. These enclosures provide an easy-open back compartment that allows the changing out of batteries with multiple sizes and configurations. The S-Series from Serpac consists of ABS plastic construction with a UL 94HB flammability rating and is available in black, almond, gray, or clear options. 


  • ABS plastic┬áconstruction with UL 94HB flammability
  • Two-piece design
  • Surface-mountable base
  • Top-to-base attachment methods
    • Standard - attach through bottom, self-tapping screws
    • R - attach through top, metal threaded inserts with machine screws
  • Top configurations
    • Standard - textured finish
    • I - 0.010" recessed smooth surface
  • Easy-open back compartment
  • Circuit board mounting bosses
  • Black, almond, gray, or clear color options
  • RoHS compliant


Published: 2021-12-30 | Updated: 2022-03-11