Schneider Electric GP2E Easy TeSys™ Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric GP2E Easy TeSys™ Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers are 3-pole manual motor controllers (UL 60947)/motor circuit breakers (IEC 60947)  that control and protect motors up to 32A (20HP/480VAC). The GP2E devices offer manual pushbutton control and motor protection with incorporated thermal-magnetic protection elements. These thermal-magnetic protection elements include a non-adjustable tripping threshold, automatic compensation for ambient temperature variations, and a graduated dial that displays the rated operational current. Easy TeSys manual motor controllers are easily mounted on DIN rail or directly to the panel. The GP2E Easy TeSys™ devices are UL approved as "Suitable as Motor Disconnect" and are ideal for use in disconnect applications as well as control and protection of motors

These devices are ideal for use in motor control/protection, resistive load switching, and isolation applications. Easy TeSys GP2E manual motor controllers, together with DPER thermal overload relays and Easy TeSys 3-pole DPE Contactors, are designed to switch and protect the most common motor applications and are UL approved.


  • Compact 45mm width
  • Adjustment motor full-load amp (FLA) dial setting (Ir)
  • Start/stop pushbutton control
  • Test button
  • Ambient compensated
  • Magnetic protection at 13x maximum dial setting
  • Scannable QR code for easy access to documentation
  • Panel/DIN rail mount
  • Sealable settings cover
  • IP20 finger-safe
  • Includes marking plate
  • Screw clamp terminal connection
  • Attaches Easy TeSys DPE 3-pole contactor with accessory


  • Motor control
  • Motor protection
  • Motor disconnect applications


  • 0.1A to 32A setting range
  • Class 10 trip
  • High-fault group motor short-circuit current ratings
    • Up to 22kA, 480VAC maximum voltage with Easy TeSys DPE 3-pole contactor
    • Up to 35kA, 480VAC maximum voltage without contactor (stand-alone)
  • Temperature ranges
    • -20°C to +60°C operating
    • -40°C to +80°C storage
  • +960°C flame resistance
  • 2000m maximum operating altitude
  • 1.7N.m tightening torque
  • 18AWG to 8AWG range
  • 690V rated operational voltage
  • 690V rated insulation voltage
  • 50Hz/60Hz rated operational frequency
  • 6kV rated impulse withstand voltage
  • 2.5W total dissipated power per pole
  • 100,000 mechanical and electrical durability
  • 1.5A to 416A magnetic tripping current (±20%)
Published: 2021-07-21 | Updated: 2022-06-22