Phoenix Mecano ROSE Enclosures

Phoenix Mecano ROSE Enclosures provide IP65 or IP66 ingress protection and are constructed from aluminum, polyester, and other robust materials. The ROSE portfolio includes the NoVoTronic series, which offers the safe protection of electronic internals. The Aluform enclosures feature beveled edges for use as visible components in applications. The aluminum standard series is ideal for mechanical engineering and automation technology. The polyester enclosures weigh less than standard aluminum enclosures while providing high mechanical strength and protection against impacts of up to 7J (joules) per EN 60529. Phoenix Mecano ROSE Enclosures operate in a temperature range of -40°C to +90°C for the aluminum varieties and -40°C to +130°C for the polyester version.


  • IP65 or IP66 ingress protection
  • Constructed from aluminum, polyester, and other robust materials
  • Fixing options for DIN rails and mounting plates, depending on series
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
Published: 2023-05-24 | Updated: 2023-06-16