Bud Industries BudStack Rack

Bud Industries BudStack Rack is designed for all 19" EIA rack-mounted applications and provides a high level of versatility. Bud Industries BudStack Rack can be used vertically for 17.5" (10U) panel space or horizontally for 21.0" (12U) panel space. Multiple units can be stacked together and attached vertically to create an uninterrupted panel space. BudStack Rack is shipped in a single carton and comes unassembled with all necessary components and hardware. 


  • Ships flat in a single carton (18lb. shipping weight with 28" x 22" x 2" dimensions)
  • Ships unassembled with all necessary components and hardware
  • Quick and easy assembly with a #3 Philips screwdriver in under 15 minutes
  • Can be used either horizontally 10U (17.5" panel space with 24.5" depth) or vertically 12 U (21" panel space with 21" depth)
  • Multiple units can be stacked together easily and attached vertically to create an uninterrupted panel space
  • When racks are stacked, the user can gain 1 to 2 additional U mounting holes in the front where cross beams are omitted
  • The rack can be daisy-chained horizontally to create an add-a-rack situation for cross-rack wiring


  • 16-gauge galvanized steel with black textured powder-coat finish
  • EIA-spaced mounting holes incorporated into the front, back, top, and bottom for flexible component mounting
  • Open design allows for maximum airflow
  • Additional adjustable component mounting brackets are included for equipment support
  • 300lb. maximum weight limit for fully supported (4 points) 19" EIA rail-mounted equipment (75-inch max. height)


Published: 2022-11-02 | Updated: 2022-11-04