EPCOS / TDK Z63000 MediPlas Driver

EPCOS / TDK Z63000 MediPlas Driver is designed to be used as an HV driver for DBD loads. This driver features a process monitoring signal, a 20kHz to 40kHz output frequency range (auto-recovery), and a broad capacitance range of applicable loads. The MediPlas driver also features PWM power control input, <5ms (load dependent) steady state settling time, <80% humidity (non-condensing), and 3000m maximum operating altitude. This driver includes protection functions like reverse polarity (auto recovery), input overvoltage (auto recovery), input undervoltage (auto recovery), and overtemperature (auto recovery). The MediPlas driver is used in the internal sterilization of medical equipment, sleep apnea, operating table, medical tools, and dental chair applications.


  • Compact
  • Passive cooling
  • PWM power control input
  • Process monitoring signal
  • Overheating with auto-recovery
  • Protection functions:
    • Reverse polarity (auto recovery)
    • Input overvoltage (auto recovery)
    • Input undervoltage (auto recovery)
    • Overtemperature (auto recovery)
  • 2kVAC to 6kVAC (proportional to input voltage)
  • Broad capacitance range of applicable loads
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • 20kHz to 40kHz output frequency range (auto-recovery)
  • 30W maximal continuous input DC power
  • 12VDC to 27.5VDC input voltage range
  • <80% humidity (non-condensing)


  • Internal sterilization of medical equipment
  • Medical tools
  • Dental chair
  • Operating table
  • Sleep apnea
Published: 2023-09-08 | Updated: 2023-09-14