STMicroelectronics AEKD-STEREOAVAS Integrated Stereo AVAS Solution

STMicroelectronics AEKD-STEREOAVAS Integrated Stereo AVAS Solution is an AutoDevKit acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS) demonstration board. The AEKD-STEREOAVAS includes an AEK-AUD-C1D9031 compact AVAS board, an AEK-MCU-C4MLIT1 domain zone controller, two AEK-LCD-DT028V1 display expansion boards, plus two loudspeakers and a switching button.

The STMicro AEK-AUD-C1D9031 communicates with the AEK-MCU-C4MLIT1 through CAN protocol, exchanging commands like start/stop to simulate alerting sounds in e-vehicles. The AEK-AUD-C1D9031 ECU replicates the sound through integrated class D audio amps connected to the loudspeakers. Two AEK-LCD-DT028V1 boards with resistive touch permit the user to interact with the demo. The first screen shows a graphic simulation of the electric motor RPMs, while the second allows starting/stopping the demo and regulating the sound volume and the engine RPMs. A vital system safety feature repurposed in the demo is the open-load detection in a play or mute state. Toggling the “disconnect speaker” switch, the FDA903D embedded in the AEK-AUDC1D9031 detects the open load in play or in mute, lighting up the blue LED. This open-load detection depends on the sound amplitude. If the blue LED does not light up, turn the volume up through the dedicated touchscreen button. Switching on the hardware mute button on the AEK-AUD-C1D9031 board, an orange LED (D7) turns on to indicate that the system is in the hardware mute state.


  • AEK-AUD-C1D9031 compact AVAS solution
  • AEK-MCU-C4MLIT1 domain zone controller
  • 2x AEK-LCD-DT028V1 display expansion boards
  • 2x integrated loudspeakers
  • Current sensing for open-load detection in play or mute state
  • Speaker disconnection switch
  • Hardware mute button
  • Plays a preloaded wave file (car key on, neutral and drive modes)
  • Size of 290mm x 210mm x 70mm
  • Included in the AutoDevKit ecosystem

Demo Architecture Block Diagram

STMicroelectronics AEKD-STEREOAVAS Integrated Stereo AVAS Solution


STMicroelectronics AEKD-STEREOAVAS Integrated Stereo AVAS Solution
Published: 2023-08-28 | Updated: 2023-09-12