Spectra Symbol SpectraFlex™

Spectra Symbol SpectraFlex™ is engineered to be lighter with higher repeatability and exceptionally low signal drift. The highly flexible SpectraFlex offers a lower profile and guarantees less interference with maximum convenience. The Spectra Symbol SpectraFlex flat resistance varies with length and has a recommended bend radius of 2.5mm to 8mm.


  • Life cycle of >2 million cycles with a bend angle of 180° over an 8mm (0.315”) radius
  • Recommended bend radius of 2.5mm to 8mm
  •  0.13mm (0.005") thickness
  • -35°C to +80°C temperature range 
  • Flat resistance varies with length
  • Bend resistance greater than or equal to 2 times the flat resistance at 180° on an 8mm (0.315”) radius, and the 55mm version can achieve greater than or equal to 4 times the flat resistance.
  • Power rating (depending on size, varies with length and temperature) of 1W maximum at +25°C, 0.5W recommended
Application Circuit Diagram - Spectra Symbol SpectraFlex™


Spectra Symbol SpectraFlex™


Published: 2023-09-05 | Updated: 2023-09-18