Banner Engineering LC25T In-Line Touch Switch

Banner Engineering LC25T In-Line Touch Switch offers rugged durability in a compact design and boasts M12 connectors. The Banner Engineering LC25T can control DC-powered devices with ease. The LC25T can use On/Off or PWM control,  making it ideal for various applications. The devices have a water-resistant construction and a 30DC rating to ensure reliable performance in challenging environments. Its models are equipped with up to 4A maximum output current, promising the power to drive devices efficiently.


  • In-line capacitive touch switch with M12 connectors
  • On/off or PWM control models available
  • Low profile, rugged, water-resistant design
  • Perfect for DC-powered devices
  • Rated for up to 30V DC
  • Capability to dim lights using PWM output
  • Models available with up to 4A maximum output current


  • Lighting control
  • Home automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Automotive electronics
  • Entertainment systems
  • Building management systems
  • Retail displays
  • Hospitality


Banner Engineering LC25T In-Line Touch Switch
Published: 2023-07-19 | Updated: 2023-09-05