Doodle Labs Mini OEM & Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios

Doodle Labs Mini OEM and Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios are Manet Routers developed as an extension of the Department of Defense's sponsored radio platform. The Doodle Labs ISM Band Mini OEM Mesh Rider Radio is powered by Doodle Labs' Mesh Rider® technology. This advanced radio solution boasts exceptional RF and networking capabilities, offering communication that reaches far, travels fast, and is more reliable than other solutions available. These devices offer seamless connectivity with optimized video streaming that effortlessly delivers crystal-clear 4K visuals alongside low-latency Command and Control data.


  • Performance RF
    • Long range (field tested >100km) and high throughput (up to 100Mbps) Mesh Rider waveform
    • Interference-resistant COFDM for robust link quality in difficult RF environments
    • Exceptional Multipath and NrLOS MIMO performance
    • Adaptive radio modulations from BPSK up to 64QAM, with fast per-packet optimization to maximize link performance in dynamic environments
    • Software-defined channel bandwidth for efficient re-use of spectrum
    • Convolutional coding, Forward Error Correction (FEC), ACK-retransmits, Maximal Ratio Combining, Spatial Multiplexing, and Space Time Block Coding for robust data transmission over noisy channel/spectrum
    • Single channel, Time Division Duplexing (TDD) for bi-directional traffic
    • Resistant to high-power jamming signals
    • ATPC for widely dispersed mesh network
    • Built-in Spectrum Scanner to help mitigate interference issues
  • Performance Networking
    • Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Channel (URLLC) for Command and Control
    • Optimized video streaming channel for Unicast and Multicast transport
    • Self-healing/self-forming multi-frequency mobile mesh for a highly reliable network with redundancy
    • FIPS Certified AES 256- and 128-bit encryption
    • End-to-end IP architecture with Ad Hoc, WDS transparent bridge, Client, AP, and Internet Gateway operating modes
    • Embedded network management APIs
  • Additional Features
    • Very small size, weight, and power for mobile applications
    • Ethernet, USB, and UART interfaces allow easy integration into different system architectures
    • Leverage the benefits of the most extensible OpenWrt ecosystem and install 3rd party IoT applications
    • Rugged, vibration-resistant construction to meet MIL-specs
    • MIL-Spec Temp Range (-40°C to +85°C)
    • High quality, manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities
    • COTS – Commercial off the Shelf
    • Extended lifespan and availability

Mobile Mesh

Doodle Labs Mini OEM & Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios

Scalable self-forming and self-healing Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) networks are resilient because the devices can dynamically find alternate routes and failover in case of route failure.

Multiple Bands and Multiband​

Doodle Labs Mini OEM & Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios

The patented hybrid SDR technology enables a large family of multi-band and single-band radios.
Available in compatible form factors in all Unlicensed frequency bands for Commercial solutions and in our Helix configuration for Government solutions (Federal Bands).

Resilient Networks

Doodle Labs Mini OEM & Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios

Designed to provide resilient networks, Mesh Rider® has a built-in spectrum scanner that monitors in-band interference and provides automatic band and channel switching capabilities. Advanced filtration and frequency-band shifting techniques are designed to minimize noise and block out-of-band signals.

Multi-cast Video

Doodle Labs Mini OEM & Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios

In a point-to-multipoint configuration, Mesh Rider can stream high-quality video to multiple receiving nodes, from drones to numerous stakeholders on the ground.

Low Latency

Doodle Labs Mini OEM & Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios

Low latency, low problems. Mesh Rider is designed for reliable, long-range applications with real-time, immediate information from mobile nodes.

Commercial Pricing

Doodle Labs Mini OEM & Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios

Doodle Labs designed the radios for scalable deployments and to support Commercial and Government projects pioneering innovative use cases.

Government/Defense Solution

Doodle Labs Mini OEM & Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios

System Integration

Doodle Labs Mini OEM & Nano OEM Mesh Rider Radios

The Mesh Rider Radio has been designed to be plug-and-play. Only USB and a power supply are required for integration.

Visit Doodle Labs Technical Library for extensive design-in documents.


Case Studies

Teal Drones (parent company Red Cat Holdings, Inc; Nasdaq: RCAT), a military technology company integrating robotic hardware and software to protect and support the warfighter, has partnered with Doodle Labs to develop technology for future deployment as part of the US Army’s Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR) program. Early trials in which Teal has retrofitted its Golden Eagle with Helix Mesh Rider Radio showed significantly improved performance, with links over 10 km.
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Performance Drone Works (PDW), a leading manufacturer of military small unmanned aerial systems and technologies, relies on Doodle Labs’ long-range, high-bandwidth Helix Mesh Rider Radio in its C100 drone, a man-packable, heavy-lift drone built for tactical military missions.
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Published: 2023-06-23 | Updated: 2023-07-24