Phoenix Contact PT 2,5-4L - Multi-level Terminal Lock

Phoenix Contact PT 2,5-4L - Multi-level Terminal Block provides reliable connections faster and simpler than ever before with Push-in technology. This terminal block improves upon adding the fourth-level block to the existing standard feed-through blocks. This four-level product line will offer functioning blocks as well. The functioning blocks include knife disconnects, sensor/actuator with or without LED indicator, and ground blocks. These blocks use the standardized Clipline complete accessories and feature a block that accepts removable components. Additionally, the four-level blocks come with a bridging channel that is capable of numerous testing accessories. The PT 2,5-4L - multi-level terminal block enables wiring in confined spaces with its compact design and offers increased flexibility with function shafts on each level.


  • Compact design enables wiring in confined spaces
  • High conductor pull-out forces with the spring construction
  • Increased flexibility:
    • In addition to the testing facility in the double-function shaft, all terminal blocks provide an additional test connection
  • Time-saving conductor connection with tool-free direct-connection technology
  • Various function versions
  • Tested for railway applications


  • 500V nominal voltage
  • 18A nominal current
  • Mounting types:
    • NS 35/7,5
    • NS 35/15
  • Push-in connection method
  • 2.5mm² rated cross-section
  • 0.14mm² to 4mm² cross-sections
  • Gray color

Circuit Diagram

Application Circuit Diagram - Phoenix Contact PT 2,5-4L - Multi-level Terminal Lock
Published: 2023-08-29 | Updated: 2023-09-08