Bourns Hybrid GMOV Components

Bourns Hybrid GMOV™ Components combine space-saving gas discharge tube (GDT) with FLAT® technology and high-quality MOV technology into one hybrid device. These components feature longer life, low leakage, and higher reliability, along with improved levels of safety against extended voltage threats compared to MOVs alone. This Bourns series reduces the likelihood of degradation and catastrophic failure resulting from transient surges or temporary overvoltage conditions exceeding a discrete MOV’s maximum rated value. The GMOV series is an easy drop-in replacement and is offered in 14mm and 20mm size standard MOV packages.


  • Hybrid design that improves life and overcomes limitations of discrete MOVs solutions
  • Engineered MOV-GDT pairings
  • Drop-in replacement for 14mm and 20mm disc MOV packages
  • UL 1449 Type 5 recognized
  • Integrated gas tube creates a low leakage component
  • Higher levels of safety against extended voltage threats compared to standard MOV
  • RoHS compliant


  • AC Line protection
    • White goods
    • Power line communications
    • Smoke alarm systems
    • High value consumer goods
    • UL1449 SPD
  • DC Line protection
    • Solar inverters
    • Power supplies
    • Distribution systems


Infographic - Bourns Hybrid GMOV Components


Chart - Bourns Hybrid GMOV Components

Circuit Diagram

Application Circuit Diagram - Bourns Hybrid GMOV Components


Published: 2019-04-10 | Updated: 2023-03-20