Arduino Nano 33 IoT

Arduino Nano 33 IoT combines Wi-Fi and BLUETOOTH® connectivity with a low-power architecture for a cost-effective connected project solution. The Arduino Nano 33 IoT is fully compatible with the Arduino IoT Cloud. The device supports full TLS secure transport. The ATECC608A crypto chip stores the cryptographic keys in hardware, offering a very high level of security.

Integration with the Arduino IoT Cloud allows for an efficient way of setting up online dashboards with little coding and minimal effort. The Nano 33 is the same size as the Arduino Nano and hosts an Arm® Cortex®-M0+ SAMD21 processor, a WiFi and Bluetooth module based on ESP32. The Nano 33 also features a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and a crypto chip that can securely store certificates and pre-shared keys. Use the board as a breadboard (when mounting pin headers) or SMT module, directly soldering it via the castellated pads.


  • SAMD21 micro
  • Up to 48MHz clock
  • 256KB flash
  • 32KB SRAM
  • NINA W13 (could be used as Wifi or Bluetooth)
  • ECC608 crypto chip
  • Circuit voltage 3.3V
  • 8 analog pins, 14 digital pins I/O
  • 1 UART // 1 SPI // 1 I2C interfaces
  • 45mm x 25mm dimensions


  • IoT project with the need for compact size
  • Update current projects based on the Nano
Published: 2019-06-12 | Updated: 2023-07-19