Apex Microtechnology SWR200 Precision Sine Wave Reference

Apex Microtechnology SWR200 Precision Sine Wave Reference provides a stable +7.071V at ±0.5% sine wave output and a 20ppm/°C temperature coefficient over the full military temperature range. Extreme accuracy is achieved by a chopper-based AGC circuit. The temperature characteristic of the chopper circuit compensates for the typical nonlinearity of the internal DC Zener reference. This results in a near-linear amplitude-temperature characteristic. The frequency of the SWR200 is programmable with two external capacitors.


  • +7.071VRMS, ±0.5% high accuracy
  • 20ppm/°C (-55°C To +125°C) low drift
  • 10ppm/1000 hours typical excellent stability
  • 0.1% Thd @ f = 3300Hz low distortion
  • Military processing option


  • Transducer Excitation
  • High-Resolution Servo Systems
  • High Precision Test and Measurement Instruments
  • AC Voltage Standard
  • LVDT or RVDT Reference
  • Multiplying D/A Reference

Typical Connection

Apex Microtechnology SWR200 Precision Sine Wave Reference
Published: 2020-08-24 | Updated: 2022-03-11