ADI Trinamic TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF Reference Design

Analog Devices Inc. TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF Reference Design is an open-source hardware reference design using the TMCM-1617 BLDC Servo Driver. Designed for robotic gripper applications, the Reference Design Board has a standard gripper electronics form factor. It can control a BLDC motor via EtherCAT®, IO-Link®, or the ADI RS485-based TMCL protocol.

The TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF features a socket for the ADI TMCM-1617 BLDC Servo Driver as well as EtherCAT, IO-Link, and RS485 connectors. Connectors for other interfaces are not mounted allowing the user to choose between mounting standard 2.54mm or 3.81mm headers or connecting wires directly to the board. 

The TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF features configurable analog output and input channels as well as configurable digital output and input channels using Maxim Integrated MAX22000 and MAX14906 industrial IO solutions.


  • Single-axis BLDC servo driver for up to 2.5A RMS motor current
  • +24V Nominal Supply Voltage (+20V to +28V)
  • Digital Hall sensor interface
  • ABN encoder interface
  • 4x digital +24V I/O (high-side switch, push-pull driver, or a Type 1 and 3, or Type 2 digital input)
  • 1x analog output (±12.5V output volt-age range, or ±25mA or ±2.5mA output current range)
  • 1x differential analog input (±15V, ±2.5V, ±500mV, ±250mV, and ±125mV input voltage ranges)
  • Key components
    • Maxim Integrated MAX22000 Industrial Configurable Analog I/O
    • Maxim Integrated MAX14906 Industrial Digital Output/Digital Input
    • Maxim Integrated MAX22515 IO-Link Transceiver
    • Maxim Integrated MAX22501 RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver
    • ADI TMC4671 Dedicated Motion Controller
    • ADI TMC6200 3-Half Bridge Gate Driver


The Analog Devices Inc. Motion Control Language Integrated Development Environment (TMCL-IDE) is a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for developing applications using ADI modules and chips, including the TMCM-1617 Miniaturized Servo Drive. The TMCL-IDE provides tools for easily setting parameters, visualizing data in real time, and developing and debugging stand-alone applications with TMCL.


Board Layout

Mechanical Drawing - ADI Trinamic TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF Reference Design


Mechanical Drawing - ADI Trinamic TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF Reference Design
Published: 2021-05-24 | Updated: 2023-04-10