Analog Devices Inc. Signal Chain Power Hardware Evaluation Platform

Analog Devices Inc. Signal Chain Power (SCP) Hardware Evaluation Platform enables signal chain designers to quickly develop, prototype, and evaluate complete power solutions for instrumentation, test and measurement, and industrial automation precision signal chains. The SCP leverages Power by Linear™ design expertise and shares it with signal conditioning systems engineering groups using an easy-to-configure plug-and-play system. Along with the SCP Hardware Evaluation Platform and the SCP Configurator software tool, SCP includes complete schematics, BOM, and PCB artwork for the system designer.

The Signal Chain Power (SCP) Hardware Evaluation Platform portfolio includes a number of small, modular power stage elements. These snap together like building blocks to quickly configure a complete solution aimed at the precision signal chain market. To assist with the design, the SCP Configurator companion software tool can take an input voltage and output power parameters and figure out the best solution available to meet these needs, so no power design expertise is needed in choosing the best converter type and part for any rail. Analog Devices provides all the necessary engineering collateral to help develop and validate the design with demo manuals, Ltspice files, and noise plots. 

Modular Design

The SCP Hardware Evaluation Platform is based on a modular design, enabling users to rapidly reconfigure their signal chain system for comparative testing. The building blocks are made up of boards featuring switching regulators of various topologies as well as linear regulators, filters, and interconnect boards

  • Switching Regulators
    The Switching Regulator Boards cover a wide range of step up, step down, step up and step down, and inverting functions. The products cover the voltage ranges from 30V to 60V, at currents ranging from 10mA to 2.0A, which covers nearly any application a signal chain system designer might need.

  • Linear Regulators
    The Linear Regulator Boards in the platform portfolio include a selection of complimentary pairs for positive and negative low noise LDO functions and a small, low-cost fixed positive LDO. The LDO pairs allow system designers to try different sizes, costs, and performance tradeoffs to determine which level of performance meets the spectral noise density requirements of their application best.

  • Filter Boards
    Filter Boards allow passive filter networks to be tested prior to inclusion in final designs or act as a spacer in systems where adjacent channels differ in the number of series connections.

  • Interconnect Boards
    The Interconnect Boards allow for expanding, integrating, and filling gaps between channels. Multiple connection types for bench supply, load, and measurement equipment allow connection and testing to the signal chain under development.


SCP Configurator Software

The Signal Chain Power (SCP) Configurator Software is a companion application for the Signal Chain Power series of hardware evaluation boards. It is geared for system designers who need to power signal chains but are unsure where to begin. Given an input voltage range, output voltage, and anticipated load current values, the SCP Configurator application will construct a "best fit" topology, choose the most appropriate IC, and show how to construct the power tree with all relevant SCP hardware to order for the system design. Various options for flexible system design include specifying low noise or dual output boards.


  • Easily produce multi-rail configurations via plug-and-play terminal boards
  • Modular design enables quick comparative testing and noise optimization
  • Compact form factor keeps system small
  • Configuration resistors are 0805 with oversized pads for easy rework
  • Supported topologies include:
    • Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost, SEPIC, and Inverting switching regulators
    • Positive and negative linear regulators
  • Silent Switcher® and ultra-high PSRR LDO products available for noise-critical applications


Published: 2021-07-12 | Updated: 2022-03-11