Analog Devices Inc. LTC7132 Dual PolyPhase Regulators

Analog Devices Inc. LTC7132 Dual PolyPhase Regulators are DC/DC, synchronous, step-down, monolithic regulators with an I2C-based PMBus compliant serial interface. The LTC7132 Regulators employ a constant-frequency current mode architecture, together with a unique scheme to provide excellent performance in sub-milliohm DCR applications. The ADI LTC7132 is supported by the LTpowerPlay® software development tool with a graphical user interface (GUI).

A programmable loop compensation allows the LTC7132 to be compensated digitally. Additionally, the switching frequency, channel phasing, and device address can be programmed both by the digital interface and the external configuration resistors. Furthermore, parameters can be set via the digital interface and stored in EEPROM. Both outputs have independent power good indicators and FAULT function.

The LTC7132 can be configured to operate in discontinuous (pulse-skipping) mode or forced continuous conduction mode. Each channel can deliver up to 25A of load current; the total current capability will depend on the application total power dissipations on both channels.


  • PMBus/I2C Compliant serial interface
  • Telemetry read-back includes VIN, IIN, VOUT, IOUT, temperature and faults
  • Programmable voltage, current limit, digital soft-start/stop, sequencing, margining, OV/UV/OC
  • Sub-milliohm DCR current sensing
  • Digitally adjustable loop compensation parameters
  • ┬▒0.5% Output voltage accuracy over temperature
  • Integrated input current sense amplifier
  • Internal EEPROM with ECC and fault logging
  • Integrated N-channel MOSFET gate drivers


  • Telecom, datacom and storage systems
  • Industrial and point-of-load applications

Application Circuit

Application Circuit Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. LTC7132 Dual PolyPhase Regulators
Published: 2021-03-16 | Updated: 2022-03-11