Analog Devices Inc. ADM3058E Signal Isolated Transceiver

Analog Devices Inc. ADM3058E Signal Isolated Transceiver is a 5.7kVrms Controller Area Network (CAN) physical layer with a high-performance feature set. This transceiver fully meets the CAN Flexible Data rate (CAN FD) ISO 11898-2:2016 requirements and is further capable of supporting data rates as high as 12Mbps. The ADM3058E transceiver employs iCoupler® technology to combine a 2-channel isolator and a CAN transceiver into a single Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC) surface-mount package. The ADM3058E transceiver operates at -40°C to 125°C industrial temperature range. Typical applications include industrial automation, process control, building control, transport, and infrastructure.


  • 5.7kVrms signal isolated CAN FD transceiver
  • 1.7V to 5.5V supply and logic side levels voltage range
  • 4.5V to 5.5V bus side supply voltage range
  • ISO 11898-2:2016-compliant CAN FD
  • Up to 12Mbps CAN FD data rates
  • 155ns maximum loop propagation delay
  • ±25V extended common-mode range 
  • >50kV/μs high common-mode transient immunity
  • -40°C to 125°C industrial operating temperature range


  • CANOpen, DeviceNet, and other CAN bus implementations
  • Industrial automation
  • Process control and building control
  • Transport and infrastructure


Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADM3058E Signal Isolated Transceiver
Published: 2020-08-03 | Updated: 2022-03-11