Analog Devices Inc. Analog Devices ADF4159 Evaluation Boards

Analog Devices EV-ADF4159EB1Z/EV-ADF4159EB3Z evaluation boards help designers evaluate the performance of the ADF4159 frequency synthesizer for phase-locked loops (PLL) and the ADF4169 frequency synthesizer. Each evaluation board works using the synthesizer, a USB connector, SMA connectors, a reference oscillator, and power supply connectors. The 100MHz reference frequency is provided by an onboard temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO). The boards include a USB cable to connect the board to a PC USB port. Using the accompanying Windows®-based software, designers can easily program the synthesizer.


  • Self-contained board, including synthesizer, 100MHz reference, USB interface, and voltage regulators
  • The accompanying software allows control of synthesizer functions from a PC (via USB interface)
  • Externally powered by 5.5V and 15 V supplies
  • Evaluates the ADF4169

Kit Contents

  • EV-ADF4159EB1Z or EV-ADF4159EB3Z evaluation board
  • CD with evaluation software
  • USB cable
Published: 2016-01-04 | Updated: 2022-03-11