ams OSRAM Mira Optical Sensor Evaluation Kit

ams OSRAM Mira Optical Sensor Evaluation Kit is a Raspberry Pi 4B platform that evaluates the Mira220 and Mira050 image sensors. Mira220 and Mira050 are Near IR enhanced global shutter image sensors for 2D and 3D consumer/industrial machine vision applications. High sensitivity in NIR enables increased measurement range and optimizes overall system power consumption, which is key for battery-powered consumer and industrial applications.


  • Mira220 and Mira050 image sensor support
  • Fully configured ISP for the best image quality
  • Scripting is possible in python using the picamera2 library
  • Software based on libcamera, an open-source camera stack, and framework for Linux, Android, and ChromeOS
  • RAW image capture


  • 2D/3D
    • Active stereo vision
    • Structured light vision
    • AR/VR
  • Battery-powered consumer apps
  • Industrial

Kit Contents

  • Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Raspberry Pi power supply
  • Mira220 or Mira050 sensor board
  • MIPI flat cable assembly
  • Mini HDMI cable
  • Tripod, tripod holder, and screws
  • M12 lens and screws

Required Equipment

  • HDMI-compatible monitor and HDMI cable (connected to the HDMI0 port of I/O board)
  • USB mouse and keyboard


Published: 2023-03-27 | Updated: 2023-07-26