ams OSRAM CSG8K & CSG14K CMOS Image Sensors

ams OSRAM CSG8K and CSG14K CMOS Image Sensors are high-speed devices in a 20mm x 22mm LGA package for machine vision and video applications. Consisting of 3.2µm pipelined global shutter pixels, the image array allows exposure during read-out while performing true CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) operation. These image sensors feature sixteen sub-LVDS data output channels, each running at up to 1.25Gbit/s, resulting in frame rates of 140fps (CSG14K) or 231fps (CSG8K) in full resolution. Programmable using the SPI interface, the row-windowing or row-subsampling modes allow higher frame rates. A programmable on-chip sequencer generates all internal exposure and read-out timings. External triggering and exposure programming is also possible. The dual exposure HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode can achieve an extended optical dynamic range. The image sensor also integrates black-level clamping.


  • Designed for high-performance applications
    • 13.8Mp resolution at 140/93.6fps (CSG14K, 10/12-bit)
    • 8.3Mp resolution at 231/154fps (CSG8K, 10/12-bit)
  • Captures fast-moving objects utilizing Global Shutter Pixels with true Correlated Double Sampling (true-CDS)
  • Use in low-light conditions, low noise, and high sensitivity with on-chip noise reduction
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 3
  • Small camera sizes in a 20mm × 22mm LGA package
    • 1” optical format  (CSG14K)
    • 1/1.1” optical format (CSG8K)
  • Operation modes tailored to application needs
    • Programmable sensor timing
    • Readout configuration
  • RoHS compliant


  • Machine vision
  • High-end inspection
  • Video/broadcast
  • Security


  • 1.25V to 1.32V logic supply voltage range
  • ±100mA input current
  • 1.86W to 2.23W power consumption range
  • 100µs settling time after power-up/-down
  • 65.1dB to 70.3dB dynamic range
  • 3pF maximum input load
  • 20pF maximum output load
  • 12MHz to 20MHz CLK_IN frequency range
  • 30% to 70% CLK_IN duty cycle range
  • 15MHz maximum SPI input clock frequency
  • 10ns minimum SPI setup time
  • 69.1dB dynamic range in normal mode
  • Sub-LVDS interface
    • 0.25Gbit/s to 1.25Gbit/s output data rate range
    • 100mV to 200mV differential voltage swing range
    • 40Ω to 140Ω output impedance range
  • Active pixels
    • 3856 (H) × 3600 (V) for CSG14K
    • 3856 (H) × 2176 (V) for CSG8K
  • 1.25Gbit/s maximum output interface bit rate per data channel
  • -30°C to +85°C operating junction temperature range
  • +245°C peak temperature

Functional Block Diagram

Block Diagram - ams OSRAM CSG8K & CSG14K CMOS Image Sensors
Published: 2019-11-07 | Updated: 2023-09-01