Amphenol FCI PwrBlade® MiniMezz Connectors

Amphenol FCI PwrBlade® MiniMezz Connectors are available in stack heights ranging from 8mm to 20mm with options for power and signal contacts. These connectors have blind-mate guides that allow ±0.80mm of gatherability for blind-mate applications. PwrBlade MiniMezz connectors feature patented GCS® plating for power contacts and GXT® for signal contacts, enabling lower contact resistance. Press-fit tail and solder tail terminations are available, providing termination flexibility for different PCB layouts. Amphenol FCI PwrBlade MiniMezz Connectors have modular tooling to accommodate a wide range of application requirements.


  • Power and signal hybrid connectors
  • Modular tooling design
  • 8mm to 20mm mezzanine stack heights
  • High-power and low-power contacts
  • Patented GCS plating for power contacts
  • GXT plating for signal contacts
  • Solder-tail and press-fit tail board termination
  • High blind-mate gatherability of ±0.8mm


  • Communication
  • Data
  • Consumer
  • Medical
  • Industrial and instrumentation
Published: 2023-02-24 | Updated: 2023-08-08