Amphenol Commercial Millipacs® Plus Connectors

Amphenol Communications Millipacs® Plus Connectors are 2mm Hardmetric connectors with a choice of data rates ranging from 3 to 25Gb/s, with configurable and scalable high-speed, low-speed signal, guiding, and power modules. These connectors are available in vertical header on the backplane mating with right angle receptacle on a daughter card. The scalable design is easy to populate on boards and offers flexibility. Tulip contact systems and 2mm+ wiping distance ensure a high level of reliability with multiple contact points. Options for hot swapping, EMI shielding, and high temperature compatibility are available for Amphenol Communications Millipacs Plus Connectors.


  • Configurable modules
  • Design flexibility and easy to pressfit
  • Hardmetric equipment practice
  • Popular backplane architecture with standard board-to-board distance
  • Choice of contact mating levels
  • Hot swapping of boards
  • Choice of data rates
  • Optimize cost
  • Shielding Option
  • EMI Protection
  • Tulip contact design
  • Multiple contact points ensuring high reliability
  • Can withstand shock and vibration


  • Automotive
  • Communications
  • Telecom
  • Industrial
  • Instrumentation
  • Avionics
  • Oil and gas-down the hole
  • HVAC
  • Renewable
  • Embedded computing
  • Heavy duty loaders
  • Conveyers
  • Factory automation
  • Energy management system
  • ESS
  • Medical


  • Thermoplastic UL94 V0 insulation material
  • 0.75N (max.) per contact pair mating force 
  • 0.15N (min.) per contact pair withdrawal force 
  • 200Kpsi (min.) Hertz stress 
  • Longitudinal ±2.0mm and Transversal ±2.5mm misalignment 
  • ±2.0° inclination
  • 10N (max.) insertion force 
  • 1.6N (min.) withdrawal force 
  • Operating Current:
    • 1.5A at 20°C
    • 1A at 70°C
  • 750Vrms test voltage 
  • 20mΩ (max.) contact resistance 
  • 10,000MΩ (min.) insulation resistance 
  • Up to 40A operating current 
  • <1mΩ under 10A contact resistance 
Published: 2023-03-22 | Updated: 2023-03-30