Amphenol FCI Double Density Cool Edge 0.80mm Connectors

Amphenol FCI Double Density Cool Edge 0.80mm Connectors feature a compact design with two rows of contacts and differential, single-ended, and power pin options. These configurable single-piece connectors can accommodate both high-speed and low-speed signal and power. They support PCIe Gen 5 and are designed for multiple add-in card thicknesses. They also provide options for 1.60mm and 2.36mm AIC. These connectors reduce more than half of the PCB footprint when compared to the 1.00mm PCIe Cool Edge series. Amphenol FCI Double Density Cool Edge 0.80mm Connectors are designed for board-to-board and board-to-cable applications, including communication and data.


  • Supports high density hybrid applications
  • Supports a maximum 70 lanes per connector
  • Hybrid configurations allow flexible power-signal combinations
  • Supports most standard AIC applications
  • Meets next-generation signal speed requirements
  • Special power contact design can carry more than 2A per pin
  • Compact connector design provides shortened trace lengths compared with standard Cool Edge connectors
  • Cable solution available for increased system interconnect flexibility


  • Communications
    • Baseband
    • Commercial systems
    • Networking
    • Radio units
    • High-end computing systems
    • Server and storage systems
  • Data
    • Server and storage systems
    • High-end computing systems


  • 0.80mm pitch
  • 2A per pin for power application
  • 0.5A per pin for signal application
  • Signal pins options from 76 to 428
  • Optimized contact design to meet 32Gb/s
  • High speeds of up to 32GT/s (or 56GT/s PAM4) capability
  • Provide options for 1.60mm and 2.36mm AIC
  • Accommodates 1.60mm and 2.36mm thick mating boards


Published: 2021-04-08 | Updated: 2022-03-11