Amphenol InterCon Systems cStack™ Flexible Circuit Assemblies

Amphenol InterCon Systems (Amphenol ICC) cStack™ Flexible Circuit Assemblies are designed for high-speed flex circuit applications where space, weight, and performance are important. This high-speed solderless interconnect solution provides limitless flexibility for board-to-board mezzanine applications and board-to-board stackable and coplanar applications. The cost-effective, flex stacking products are available in 25- to 100-position standard sizes and are supplied with attached flex stiffener plates and captive screws. Amphenol InterCon Systems (Amphenol ICC) cStack assemblies are ideal for communications, data, industrial and instrumentation, and military applications.


  • Thinner and smaller than rigid boards offer space savings
  • Lighter than rigid boards and wired cable assemblies
  • 3-dimensional interconnect can be formed and routed to fit unique space constraints
  • Etched polyimide circuits offer greater signal density than typical rigid boards (75µm line and space)
  • Multilayer construction with 3 or more copper layers available for optimized routing, impedance, and SI performance
  • Signal and power can be routed over flex, allowing a single interconnect from board-to-board
  • Signal integrity
    • Flex material has lower loss and better temperature stability than FR4
    • Thinner cross-section results in smaller via stub and improved performance


  • Communications
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Wireless base station
  • Military
    • Military equipment
    • Radar equipment
    • Aerospace
  • Data
    • Blade server
    • Datacenter
    • Supercomputer
    • Processor and storage blades
  • Industrial and Instrumentation
    • Imaging
    • Ultrasound equipment
Published: 2019-03-07 | Updated: 2023-05-09