Adafruit Feather Boards

Adafruit Feather is a complete line of standalone and stackable development boards. The Adafruit Feather product line includes basic boards, data loggers, BLE and Arduino compatible boards, and HUZZAH ESP8266 WiFi development boards. Flexible and portable, the Feather boards are powered by lipo batteries for on-the-go use or by micro-USB plugs for stationary projects. To support portable projects, the Feather Boards include a connector for Adafruit 3.7V lithium polymer batteries and built-in battery charging.


Adafruit Feather Boards

Adafruit FeatherWings expand the functionality of the Feather Boards. Using FeatherWings, designers can add functions such as prototyping, added display options, real-time clocks, DC motors and steppers, power relays, GPS, Ethernet, packetized radio, and Music Makers.

Some of the display options Feather Wings can add include touchscreens, OLEDs, RGB LEDs, and CharliePlex LED matrix displays.

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Medium One Prototyping Sandbox

Adafruit Feather Boards

Jumpstart your IoT project with Medium One Prototyping Sandbox. Medium One provides a cloud-based platform that enables developers to send event data via a ready-to-use Application Programming Interface (API), which in turn triggers workflows in real-time. Workflows are based on python scripts that simply call built-in Medium One libraries and services. It’s that easy! Just create your own python-based workflows and instantly start processing your data. Medium One provides Intelligence on every event in real-time.

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Published: 2016-12-14 | Updated: 2022-03-11