ABB CAR2024FP Front End Power Supply

ABB CAR2024FP 2000W 24V Front End Power Supply offers a compact 1U profile, output voltage, and power optimal for industrial, wireless, base stations, and RF amplifiers. Additional features and benefits of ABB CAR2024FP Front End Power Supply include constant current characteristic, N+1 redundancy, high power density (21W/in³), 3.3VSB, active load sharing, I²C, and PMBus digital communication, remote On/Off, and remote sense functions. These supplies provide more space for application circuits and hardware, reduce audible noise, increase reliability, allow flexibility with minimum investment, and reduce logistical costs. 


  • Compact 1U profile
  • Constant current characteristic
  • High power density (21W/in³)
  • Remote On/Off and remote sense functions
  • More system space for application circuits and hardware
  • Reduces audible noise and increases reliability


  • Amplifier
  • Industrial
  • Wireless


  • 180VAC to 264VAC, 47Hz to 63Hz, derate to 1200W for 85VAC to 180VAC input voltage range
  • 12.6A at 180VAC, 14.3A at 100VAC, full load (Max.) input current
  • 50A Max. cold start (per ETS 300 132-1 and Bellcore specifications) inrush current
  • Dual fuse, 20A/250VAC input protection
  • 0.99 (Typ.) power factor
  • Up to 90.5% efficiency
  • 2000W at 28Vout, 1743W at 21Vout output power
  • 21VDC to 29VDC with remote programming output voltage range
  • 83A at 24Vout/230VAC operation output current
  • 3.3VSB at 1A (Optional 5Vsb) standby bias voltage
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +70°C, power derating above 50°C at 2.5%/°C
  • 14.25in. x 4.00in. x1.65in. dimensions
Published: 2011-02-14 | Updated: 2022-03-11