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As the world's population grows and urban centers become even more complex, the role technology will play in making cities of the future smarter and more efficient cannot be overstated. Entrepreneurs, innovators and leading tech manufacturers from around the globe are developing the solutions and the products that will lead us gently into the future.

Learn more about the products that are enabling innovators, like Veniam, a Porto Portugal-based company, to transform their hometown into a Wi-Fi mesh network comprised of mobile hotspots.

ADuM25x/ADuM26x Digital Isolators

Reaching a guaranteed max data rate of 150Mbps, these isolators provide 100kV/µs common-mode transient immunity with a 13ns maximum propagation delay and less than 4.5ns pulse width distortion.

HMC8500 RF Amplifiers

The HMC8500 are broadband power amplifiers that deliver >10W with up to 55% power added efficiency across a 0.01GHz to 2.8GHz instantaneous bandwidth. They provide 41dBm output power from a 28V supply voltage.

ADM2795E Transceivers

These RS-485/RS-422 transceivers combine a 3-channel isolator, transceiver, and IEC electromagnetic compatibility transient protection in a single package that offers 5kV rms isolation.

AD761x ADCs

AD761x family consists of 16-bit A to D converters as part of an integrated data acquisition solution which attains throughput rates from 250kSPS to 1MSPS and a flexible parallel or serial interface.

ADXL35x Accelerometers

This family of low power, ultra-low noise density 3-axis MEMS accelerometers offer selectable measurement ranges, a low 0g offset drift over temperature, and excellent long-term stability.

ADF7030-1 Low-Power RF Transceivers

The ADF7030-1 is a fully integrated, sub-GHz radio achieving high performance at very low power, making it ideally suited for applications that require long range, network robustness, and long battery life.

Explore a new concept in indoor farming and the various products that allow companies like Mirai, a Tokyo-based enterprise to become the world's largest indoor farm.

CN0398 Smart Agriculture pH and Soil Moisture Measurement System

CN0398 is a single-supply, low power, high precision complete solution for soil moisture and pH measurements, including temperature compensation and is optimized for use with capacitive soil moisture sensors.

CN0397 Smart Visible Light Recognition and Detection System

CN0397 eliminates all mechanical and optical components, and uses only electrical components to measure light intensity levels over the light spectrum where plants are photosynthetically active.

High Speed Data Converters

Offering superior performance, high input bandwidths and integrated signal processing, high speed data converters from Analog Devices allow designers to select the ideal solution for a variety of applications.

EVAL-ADICUP3029 Development Platform

A multi-interface platform based on the ADuCM302x family of ultra-low power ARM Cortex-M3 mixed signal microcontrollers with integrated power management for processing, control, and connectivity.

ADF7024 Low Power, Sub GHz Transceiver IC

The ADF7024 is an ultralow power, integrated transceiver for use in the 433 MHz, 868 MHz, and 915 MHz ISM bands. Its ease of use and high performance make it suitable for a wide variety of wireless applications.

ADXL35x Accelerometers

This family of low power, ultra-low noise density 3-axis MEMS accelerometers offer selectable measurement ranges, a low 0g offset drift over temperature, and excellent long-term stability.

Discover new realities in Augmented Reality (AR) and examine the key products empowering DAQRI, a Los Angeles-based company to develop AR products and technologies that are enhancing human capabilities in manufacturing applications

ADPD105/ADPD106/ADPD107/ADPD108 Photometric AFEs

Designed to stimulate an LED and measure the optical return, these photometric front ends feature an integrated 14-bit ADC and 20-bit burst accumulator that work with flexible LED drivers.

ADXL1001 & ADXL1002 MEMS Accelerometers

These accelerometers deliver high-resolution vibration measurements for industrial condition applications that monitor noise densities as low as 25μg/√Hz.

iSensor MEMS Inertial Measurement Units

Designed as a complete inertial system that consists of a triaxial gyroscope and a triaxial accelerometer, each sensor integrates industry-leading iMEMS® technology with signal conditioning.

ADALM-PLUTO SDR Active Learning Module

This module introduces the fundamentals of software-defined radio, radio frequency, and wireless communications to students through optional software such as MATLAB® and Simulink®.

ADALM2000 Introductory Hardware Platform

Offers an easy-to-use introductory hardware platform for students of all levels and backgrounds, allowing students to work with both analog and digital input and output.