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The acknowledged leader in data conversion, signal conditioning technology, and now power management products with the acquisition of Linear Technology, Analog Devices is developing and delivering the products innovators are building into their robotic systems today and planning to create for tomorrow.

As the series Generation Robot depicts so well, the future of robotics is multi-faceted and likely filled with surprising developments, developments that Analog Devices is already anticipating. Here are some current examples of leading Analog Devices products ideal for robotic applications:

ADI iSensor® IMU technology has been uniquely developed to enable emerging high-performance applications in autonomous machinery and instruments across multiple markets. The ADI portfolio spans tactical grade stability and ultra-low noise, delivering up to 10° of motion freedom, all with full factory calibration and optimized embedded sensor conditioning.

ADIS16488 Tactical Grade Ten Degrees of Freedom Inertial Sensors

ADIS16488 Tactical Grade Ten Degrees of Freedom Inertial Sensors are part of an inertial system designed to provide a simple method for integrating accurate, multiaxis inertial sensing into industrial systems.

iSensor MEMS Gyroscope Subsystems

iSensor® MEMS gyroscope subsystems reliably detect and measure the angular rate of an object under severe and complex operating conditions.

Linear µModule DC/DC power products from Analog Devices are complete system-in-package solutions with integrated DC/DC controller, transistors, input and output capacitors, compensation components, and inductors that address time and space constraints. These efficient, reliable, and (with select products) low-EMI solutions are compliant with EN55022 class B standards.

LTM8065 Silent Switcher® µModule® Regulators

LTM8065 Silent Switcher® µModule® Regulators are 40VIN step-down regulators housed in a 6.25mm x 6.25mm x 2.32mm BGA package.

LTC3255 Inductorless Charge Pump Converters

LTC3255 Inductorless Charge Pump Converters are switched-capacitor step-down DC/DC converters that generate 2.4V to 12.5V adjustable output from a 4V to 48V input voltage.

Analog Devices’ digital isolators enable designers to implement robust solutions with our magnetically isolated iCoupler products that have flexibility of up to six channels. Products meet stringent safety standards, including the ability to isolate IS-IS with our intrinsically safe certified digital isolators, which enable designs for hazardous areas.

ADuM4120 & ADuM4121 Precision Isolated Gate Drivers

ADuM4120/ADuM4121 Precision Isolated Gate Drivers are 2A single-channel drivers that provide true, galvanic isolation between the input and the output.

ADuM25x/ADuM26x Digital Isolators

ADuM25x/ADuM26x 5- and 6-Channel Digital Isolators offer a 13ns maximum propagation delay and less than 4.5ns pulse width distortion at 5V operation.